About us


Centingas is part of the international re-enactment society Regia Anglorum. Regia Anglorum's core period is what in generally termed the Viking Age: AD950 - 1066. However, Centingas is dedicated to the accurate portrayal of life in England during, what is known as, the Anglo-Saxon Period: AD449 - 1066. pronounced "KENT-ing-as", we borrow our group's name from the Anglo-Saxons themselves, and means "followers of Kent".

The red stag emblem of Centingas

Centingas is centred on the Kentish Jutish/Saxon sphere of historical influence, which stretched far beyond its geographical boundaries. Today, the membership is made up of families and individuals from all over the county, each representing their own unique Anglo-Saxon cultural heritage. Mercians, Northumbrians, East, West and South Saxons, and East Anglians, all visited and/or settled in Kent. It was also the case, due to Kent's close proximity to mainland Europe, that the kingdom enjoyed a unique relationship with the Franks, many of whom may well have settled here. So there’s lots of scope for individuality and self expression, so long as it remains in line with Centingas’ high standard of authenticity.

We are from diverse backgrounds but share one common passion: to explore, understand and educate others through displays just what it was like to have lived in the turbulent period between the arrival of Hengest and Horsa in Kent in 449AD, through the reign of England's first Christian monarch, King Aethelberht, and the rise of Wessex under Alfred the Great to the death of King Harold in 1066.

Regia Anglorum


As a Regia Anglorum 'local group' Centingas recruits its members from the area of its geographical 'landgrant' in West Kent (denoted by the green area in the modern inset map). A "land grant" is a Regia Anglorum term reflecting how land was distributed by the King, Church and the aristocracy.

This division of the county is due to the fact that two other Regia Anglorum groups exist within Kent. The Milites de Bec and Medwaeg.

Joining Centingas

If you are interested in joining Centingas, we suggest you come along to one of our 'hearth nights' - essentially, an excuse for us to meet in a local hostelry and do business over a sherbet or two - or, if you're interested in becoming a Centingas warrior, come and see us at training. Alternatively you could visit us at one of our many events.

If you are interested in joining Centingas or would simply like further information please send an email to: info@centingas.co.uk